Impact 100 Sponsors 2023

Impact 100 Sponsors 2023

The Impact100 WA Gala Dinner was another remarkable event where the Edison Property & Edison McGrath team played a pivotal role. The evening was marked by the anticipation of granting transformative awards, with nearly three grants of $100,000 each up for grabs. Edison Property Licensee & Director, Pasquale Cianfagna emphasized the importance of organizations like Impact100, which provide crucial grants to community-focused companies for their growth and development.

"What a wonderful event for Edison Property and Edison McGrath to be part of. Some very worthy organisations receiving critical funding. Well done Impact100." shared Pasquale.

The winners of the three $100K Primary grant winners were Midlas, 12 Buckets, and Albany Community Legal Centre Inc. There were also two $10K grant winners; Thriving in Motion - Exercise for Young People and Food Ladder.


Impact100 WA Gala Dinner

Impact100 WA is a collaborative giving group that pools its donations to make a significant difference in areas of need – proudly started here in Western Australia. It is a modern take on philanthropy that’s 100% transparent and has 0% admin costs. It is a simple idea that’s having a big impact – 100 members each give $1,000 and one vote to decide where that $100,000 goes.