Home Maintenance Tips for the Autumn Season

Home Maintenance Tips for the Autumn Season

As a tenant in Perth during autumn, there are several important tasks you should consider to ensure your comfort, safety, and compliance with your rental agreement. By taking these proactive steps as a tenant during autumn, you can help ensure a comfortable and safe living environment in your rental property

Check Heating Systems: Test the heating systems in your rental property to ensure they are functioning properly before the colder weather sets in. If you notice any issues, report them to your landlord or property manager promptly to have them addressed.

Seal Drafts: Check for drafts around doors and windows and seal them to prevent heat loss and keep your home warm during the cooler months. You can use weather stripping or draft stoppers to seal gaps and improve energy efficiency. Draft stoppers

Winterise your reticulation: Autumn is a great time to optimize the health and resilience of your lawns and garden. It's strongly advised to schedule annual reticulation services to ensure all components of your reticulation system are in optimal condition. Ensure the sprinklers are positioned at the ideal height, the nozzles are clear of any blockages and the garden is receiving an even coverage.

Report Maintenance Issues: Take note of any maintenance issues in your rental property, such as leaks, dampness, or malfunctioning appliances. Report these issues to your landlord or property manager promptly so they can be addressed before they escalate.

Prepare for Storms: Perth can experience severe storms during autumn, so it's essential to be prepared. Secure any outdoor furniture or belongings, and ensure you have supplies such as flashlights, batteries, and non-perishable food items in case of power outages.

Communicate with Your Landlord: Maintain open communication with your landlord or property manager throughout autumn. If you have any concerns or questions about maintenance, safety, or lease terms, don't hesitate to reach out to them for clarification or assistance.

Review Emergency Procedures: Familiarise yourself with the emergency procedures for your rental property, including what to do in the event of a fire, flood, or other emergencies. Knowing how to respond quickly and appropriately can help keep you safe in unforeseen circumstances.

Be Mindful of Fire Safety: If you have a fireplace or use portable heaters, practice fire safety precautions. Ensure that fireplaces are clean and in good working condition, and never leave portable heaters unattended or near flammable materials. It’s advised that you annually service your portable gas heaters to maintain their safety and efficiency.