Get to Know Our Sales Reps- Simone Bateman

Get to Know Our Sales Reps- Simone Bateman

Meet the Faces Behind Edison Central: A Mini-Series

Welcome to our exciting new mini-series where we introduce you to the incredible individuals behind Edison Central. Stay tuned as we share exclusive insights and stories from our dedicated team members, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the people who make our success possible.

Introducing Simone Bateman: Champion of Sustainable Real Estate

We're kicking off this series with Simone Bateman, based in the City of Cockburn. Simone is not just any agent; she is a pioneer in sustainable real estate, combining her passion for the environment with her dedication to helping clients find their perfect homes.

Throughout this mini-series, we will introduce you to more members of our team who are making waves in the real estate industry. From innovative agents to visionary developers, each one has a unique story and a passion for helping you find your dream home.

Watch the video here.