Simone Bateman

Simone Bateman

Residential Sales Consultant

A little about Simone

Meet Simone, a down-to-earth individual who seamlessly transitioned from a quiet rural community to the bustling urban landscape. With 8 years of experience in Property Management, Simone brings a keen eye and genuine passion for real estate to the table.

She's not just about transactions; Simone is all about building relationships. Her enthusiasm and dedication shine through as she connects with each client, treating their properties like the prized assets they are.

Simone isn't your typical property expert – she's forward-thinking. Sustainability is her buzzword, and she loves sharing how it can benefit her clients in tangible ways. It's not just about spaces; it's about making informed choices that last.

Outside of the property world, Simone wears many hats – a devoted family member and an active community contributor. Whether she's walking her kids to school or chatting with local business owners in Meve Estate, Simone's small-town roots have instilled in her a deep love for community engagement. You'll often find her involved in various initiatives, always eager to support those around her. Simone isn't just about real estate; she's about building connections and making a positive impact, one property at a time.

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